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PDL INVESTMENTS is regarded for their Vast Venture, planning of courses of events and sharp project management that makes them stand apart from the rest. We are inventive, while watching out for the schedule and your financial limit. You need outcome. We have discovered that the most ideal approach to get them is with advance research – of your Needs. PDL INVESTMENTS was as far as possible Live on the Web Portal with a Plan of progress after we completely comprehended our Clients.

We bring our assorted foundation of trading, branding, advertising, research and tactical planning to work for our Clients base, augment to get everyone to triumph. Indeed, we have won honors for our work. Be that as it may, we do not make ideas that are not realistic – they actually fit into the gauges of your industry. PDL INVESTMENTS is supported by experienced individuals with strong reputation and broad involvement with the financial industry. They comprehend what brokers need to trade adequately. Our point is to furnish clients with a heavenly trading experience and we plan on staying on the bleeding edge, offering more items and services to brokers in creative new manners.

Our Flexible financial Plans

We worked hard to develop a multi functional cryptocurrency investment space where people from the whole globe can earn on digital currencies

Earn 1-2%

Daily for 6 days

Minimum deposit


Compounding investments for 15days (Directors Club) $5000-$99,000

You can withdraw your daily earnings after 6days or wait after 15days you make your withdrawal

NOTE: if you deposit any amount above $99,000 PDL INVESTMENTS will give you a bonus to complete it and your investments will count from the Diamonds Club.

Compounding investments for 30days (Diamonds Club) $100,000-Unlimited.

You can withdraw your daily earnings once it reaches minimum of $5000).

BONUS NOTIFICATION: Once you have 5 downlines in Directors Club, you will earn a bonus of $2500 from PDL INVESTMENTS Company.
Essentials & Directors Club Compounding For 30days: $5000-$99,000

Disclaimer: Trading in the Forex Market is risky, no past results can guarantee future profits in real trading


We advice both individual and institutional investors. Over the last decade, our advisory performance has been significantly ahead of market return.


CLASS PLATFORM MT4 MT4 is a trading software for financial products written by MetaQuotes platform, and is suitable for professional or experienced investment clients. In adopting MT4, PDL INVESTMENTS has chosen a world-class trading platform that can ensure that users‘ transactions are faster, more stable, efficient, transparent and safe.

PDL INVESTMENTS constructs a strong establishment by covering the most popular andwidely utilized Core advances and its applications, including artificially intelligent bots, Complex and repeated pattern recognition, coding based on algorithms, High FrequencyTrading (HFT)/ Trading in pattern.

PDL INVESTMENTS award winning and inventive work in AI programming has gathered universal focus. Perceived for its actual capacity to use real life experiences in the working environment and across business sectors, PDL INVESTMENTS is having a Noticeable effect on the policy according to which the companies organize their talent and business growth.


An investment that is easy, safe and transparent.

Our proven track record allows us to offer investors secured returns. We provide real estate investment advisory services. Using the transfer of the title deed of the property, investors can feel safe through collateralization of their Pdl investment PROPERTY SECURE investment, while not affected by market conditions.

Our Referral Program: A Total Of 32%.
On Level 1 you earn 7% on every deposit made.
On Level 2 you earn 3% on every deposit made.
On Level 3 you earn 2% on every deposit made.
On Level 4 you earn 20% only on the first deposit made.

We developed another option for you to earn on the PDL Investment platform. Get rewarded for leading new investors to the platform. Having registered on the site, you receive a basic referral status. Share your referral link and get additional income from our company.